WigSlayers Outlet Package


Budget Bangers- Hairstylists, wigmakers, and others wishing to sell their wigs, bundles, and hair accessories can choose the Budget Bangers package. Products must comply with the $200 or less pricing requirement specified on the price page.

Standard Slay- This Standard Slay package is suitable for those in the hair industry, including wigmakers and those who have wigs, bundles, and related accessories to offer, at a price range of $201 to $400.

Lush Elite- Hairstylists and wigmakers with luxury wigs, extensions, and hair accessories for $400-$500 may benefit from the Lush Elite package. Wigmaker is opt-in our WigSlayers Wigmakers list Program and will have visibility to increase sells and gain customers from our two high engaging communities. 

Things you should know

  • This advertising program is for 30 days of unlimited selling.
  • Must have Paypal or a website
  • We do not accept Cashapp, Venmo, or Zelle as a payment method
  • Must have clear pictures of wigs, extensions, etc
  • Must be detailed with a description of the wigs
  • We do not delete your Advertising post 
  • Wigs worn more than twice are not accepted

WigSlayers reserves the right to refuse any advertisement on its properties.

 All advertisements must be paid and processed prior to posting.

Wigslayers Outlet price list for Advertising  wigs and hair