December Promo Special


The December Promo Special

Ad Rates for WigSlayers 132.1k Members:

  • December Promo Only $25 1-Day
  • December Promo Only $85 2-Weeks
  • December Promo Only $150 30- Days

Ad Rates for WigSlayers Outlet 28.1k Members:

  • December Promo Only $7 Tipsy Friday
  • December Promo Only $20 Weekend Takeover
  • December Promo Only $65 30-Days

Special Bonuses:

  • Both Groups : $200 - Full-day advertising and selling across both groups

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Post-Payment and Posting

  • Q: Once payment is made, can I post immediately?
  • A: Yes, upon payment completion, you can post your product or service immediately.

2. Refunds and Package Selection

  • Q: Is a refund available if I've chosen a package?
  • A: Please carefully review each package before payment as refunds are not offered after selecting a package.

3. Preapproval and Selling

  • Q: What happens after payment regarding posting?
  • A: You'll be preapproved to sell all day within our platform upon completing the payment process.

4. Posting Requirements

  • Q: What are the posting requirements?
  • A: Your product/service must have a detailed caption with clear images and include a link to your website or PayPal. Prices can be mentioned in the caption. Ensure to use the hashtag #BFWAD.

5. Advertising Package Details

  • Q: What's included in the Best Bonus Advertising Deal?
  • A: It comprises 30 days of all-day selling and advertising in both groups: WigSlayers Members (132.1k) and WigSlayers Outlet (28.1k). There's no price cap in the WigSlayers group, while the cap in the WigSlayers Outlet is $500.

6. Sales Platform Requirements

  • Q: Do I need a specific platform to sell if I don't have a website?
  • A: Yes, you must have either a Facebook Page or TikTok Shop if you don't have a website. CashApp or Venmo transactions are not accepted during advertising and selling.

7. Shipping and Timing

  • Q: What's the shipping timeframe requirement?
  • A: To advertise with us, the shipping duration must not exceed 14 days.

8. Disputes and Compliance

  • Q: What happens in case of disputes or complaints?
  • A: Any disputes/complaints could result in termination of advertising and might be subject to community awareness within our platform.